Pacific Judo Club of Stockton - Where Judo brings the best out of you!
 Pacific Judo Club
             of Stockton
Welcome to Pacific Judo Club of Stockton. Our judo club is recognized by the United State Judo Federation (USJF), USA Judo & Diaheigen. We provide judo instruction for men, women and children ages 6 to adult. Our goal is to teach each student at his or her own pace to accomplish life long goals. 
Our club is based on discipline, virtue, and honor. We strongly believe that everyone has the potential of greatness on and off the mat. We believe in providing a safe and positive atmosphere, where children & adults can train & develop skills that they can use lifelong, building self-confidence, pride, strength, courage, and heart. Many of our students are active competitors and travel to different cities throughout the year, and are recognized in our local Stockton Record Paper for their continues achievements. We are striving to build a state & national team, which in turn will open doors for some of our student to have credential to take with them into high school, and possibly extend to college scholarships and so forth.
Judo is for people of all age groups, both male & female, and most disabled persons can participate in practices and tournament. Judo is an inexpensive sport, that provides practice and tournaments year around, therefore our students stay active and healthy.  
The ultimate Judo goal is to develop oneself to maximize extent possible, always striving for perfection, so that you can contribute something of value to the world.  

We are currently looking for 2015 sponsors. Please make a donation on our sponsors page, phone or by mail. 

Thanks to our Judoka Aaliyah Tatum, we are able to showcase our 2014 Junior Judo Olympic Competitors.

Click the link below to watch the video! 

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